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Narrative Shorts 3

Slow Dance

Director: Joe Cobden


U.S. Premiere |  Narrative Short |  CANADA |  2010 |  Digibeta |  3 MIN


A young woman is gazing around the old ballroom, unimpressed. She sees someone across the room, she likes the look of. She makes her way towards him but a man grabs her arm, trying to stop her. She doesn't like that, so she smashes a bottle across his face. Another man tries to stop her. She flips him. A bar brawl ensues.
Slow Dance is a stunning, slow-motion dance fight. It's a love letter to Montreal. The film is silent but for the whiskey-soaked sweetheart music by Warren Spicer of the hit band 'Plants and Animals'.


Director: Joe Cobden

Producer: Sacha Baylin-Stern (Antler Films), Josh Usheroff (Black Box Productions), Joe Cobden (Way Past Curfew Productions)

Cast: Hanako Hashimi-Caines, Joe Cobden

Screenwriter: Joe Cobden

Cinematographer: Christophe Collette

Editor: Gregory Adam Kaufman

Sound: Gregory Adam Kaufman

Music: Warren C. Spicer (of "Plants and Animals")

Director Bio


Joe Cobden is best known as an award-winning theatre, television, and film actor from Montreal. He has been making short, music-based films since 2005.


Print Source

Name: Joe Cobden



Screening Time

Sunday March 13



Alamo Lamar A

1120 South Lamar Blvd

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