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Emerging Visions

Caught Inside

Director: Adam Blaiklock

North American Premiere |  Narrative Feature |  AUSTRALIA |  2010 |  HDCAM |  104 MIN


CAUGHT INSIDE is a psychological thriller where a tight-knit group of surfers venture to a secluded island paradise on the 'surfari' of their lives, making the mistake of bringing the one thing that can tear them apart: A beautiful young woman. As tensions boil over and friendships fall to the side, a monster emerges from within the most revered and feared amongst them. A monster who turns the dream vacation into a nightmare fight for survival.


Director: Adam Blaiklock

Producer: Paul S. Friedmann

Cast: Ben Oxenbould, Daisy Betts, Sam Lyndon, Simon Lyndon, Peter Phelps, Leeanna Walsman, Harry Cook

Screenwriter: Joe Velikovsky, Matt Tomaszewski, Adam Blaiklock

Cinematographer: Damian Wyvill

Editor: Louise Kan

Sound: Lee Kelly

Music: Tom Schutzinger

Director Bio


Caught Inside is Adam Blaiklock's first feature as director, after directing award-winning short films, commercials, television programs and theatre. He is a partner in the production house Flying Fish.


Sales Agent: Arclight Films

Print Source

Name: Paul S Friedmann

Company: Flying Fish


Phone: +61290184150

Address: 3 & 5 Queen Street

City: Glebe

State: NSW, Australia

Zip: 2037


Screening Time

Friday March 18



State Theatre

719 Congress Ave


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