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Spotlight Premieres

Becoming Santa

Director: Jeff Myers

World Premiere |  Documentary Feature |  USA |  2010 |  HDCAM |  90 MIN


BECOMING SANTA is the story of one man entering the culture and character of Santa Claus for a single season. We follow Jack as he bleaches his hair, goes to Santa School and tries to do everything that Santa is asked to do. He works as a sidewalk Santa, does home visits, a Polar Express Train and a parade. Along the way, Jack collects children's wishes, learns about the benefits of belief, the history and origin of Santa and the ordinary people keeping the Santa spirit alive.


Director: Jeff Myers

Producer: Jack Sanderson, Jeff Myers, Tyrone Finch

Cast: Jack Sanderson, Susen Mesco, Dee Sinclair, Carol Myers, Ernest Berger

Screenwriter: Jack Sanderson

Cinematographer: Jeff Myers

Editor: Todd Zelin

Sound: Bradford Craig

Music: Zack Ryan

Director Bio


Jeff Myers is a Director, Cinematographer and Editor on feature films, documentaries, music videos and live concerts. He received the “Most Promising Director Award” at the Chicago International Film Fest for “The Ride”.


Print Source

Name: Jack Sanderson

Company: Becoming Santa LLC


Phone: 323 823 7842

Address: 5816 1/2 Harold Way

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip: 90028


Screening Time

Wednesday March 16



State Theatre

719 Congress Ave

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