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Lone Star States

Otis Under Sky

Director: Anlo Sepulveda


World Premiere |  Narrative Feature |  USA |  2010 |  HDCAM |  77 MIN


Otis is a socially inept savant who spends his days in front of a computer researching Eastern religions, creating web-art, and vlogging. He goes to a local show to video tape “real people” when Ursula, a kleptomaniac womanizer who longs for her girlfriend’s return from South America, steps in front of his lens. Otis falls into unrequited love at first sight and Ursula finds Otis' awkwardness intriguing. After a brief, surreal, non-physical romance, Ursula’s girlfriend returns. Otis’ experience with love and loss inspires an internet art concept that connects people spiritually.


Director: Anlo Sepulveda

Producer: Mandi Sepulveda, Anlo Sepulveda

Cast: Anis Mojgani, Roberta Colindrez, Tony Jackson, Jacqueline Leal, Ruth Sepulveda

Screenwriter: Anlo Sepulveda

Cinematographer: Anlo Sepulveda

Editor: Anlo Sepulveda

Sound: Paul Collins

Music: Boone Graham, Sunset, Travis Austin

Director Bio


Anlo Sepulveda has created numerous narrative and documentary short films such as Bovinity Divinity, One Dollar Poem, Camp Casey, and Ahmad. His film Cuban Pipers, documents the travels of a Scottish bag piper through Cuba. It received ‘Official Selection’ at Si, Cuba Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Print Source

Name: Anlo Sepulveda

Company: Half Light Pictures


Phone: 512-921-0240

Address: 2119 E. 8th St.

City: Austin

State: Texas

Zip: 78702


Screening Time

Sunday March 13



Rollins Theatre

701 West Riverside Dr


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