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The Making of IT'S ABOUT YOU, A Super 8 Documentary

This panel will take an intimate look at the creative elements, technology, equipment, workflows and obstacles that needed to be addressed to shoot a full length feature documentary on Super 8 film. Filmmakers Kurt and Ian Markus will intimately and candidly talk about the making of the film and take Q&A from the audience. Phil Vigeant will talk about the role his lab and transfer facility played, in order for the filmmakers to achieve their creative vision on Super 8 film.


MODERATOR Rhonda Vigeant VP Pro8mm

As Vice President of Pro8mm in Burbank, CA, my primary responsibilities are to direct and coordinate the marketing efforts of the company in order to promote the amazing potential of the Super 8 film format. We have recently launched a successful series of workshops, boot camps, tele-seminars, hands-on opportunities we call "DO A SHOT WITH PRO8MM". 2011 will bring even more opportunities for people to learn how to originate production on Super 8 and 16mm film. I am thrilled to be here to see our client Kurt and Ian Markus' super 8 documentary "It;s About You, John Mellencamp" world premier at SXSW!

Phil Vigeant Owner/Sr Colorist Pro8mm

Phil Vigeant’s contributions to the film industry are surpassed only by the talent of the creative cinematographers who have used his Super 8 inventions, techniques and processes to create an enormous body of award-winning work for music, television, cinema and the archival community. His commitment to push the tiny 8mm frame to its maximum potential has been so profound, that only by looking at what his clients have created with it can we begin to appreciate his insight, entrepreneurship and commitment to the power of Super 8 film. Sporting his signature, “If you build it they will come” style of entrepreneurship, he has long been touted by industry leaders as “The Guy Who Saved Super 8 Film.” Amonghisnumerousaccomplishments,heisbest known for inventing Super 8 negative film. As President and CEO of Pro8mm for nearly 30 years, Phil has led the company, (originally called Super8 Sound TM), from serving primarily university film programs and the independent artist community to its becoming a worldwide resource for cinematographers using it as a professional production medium. His impressive client list includes all the major studios, including Warner Brothers, Paramount,Disney and Nickelodeon; hundreds of shows for MTV and VH-1, including music videos for artists such as Beyonce, Madonna, Jewel, and John Mellencamp; TV shows such as Dr. Phil, 90210 and American Idol; theatrical releases such as JFK, Factory Girl, For Love of the Game, Armageddon and Selena; commercials for Burger King, Gap, Home Depot and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and home movie archiving of the world’s most famous faces, including Elvis Presley, Bette Midler, Francis Ford Coppola and The Eagles. Phil has participated as a speaker on many stages, including Show Biz Expo, Cine Gear, University Film and Video Association, The Association of Moving Image Archivists, and numerous film festivals and college classrooms. His company has received media attention for its innovations from numerous publications, including American Cinematographer, The Hollywood Reporter and Digital Video. He is a Best of LA Award Winner and Pro8mm was twice named by Movie Maker Magazine as a Top 25 Company in the industry.

Kurt Markus Filmmaker/Photographer It's About You

Internationally acclaimed photographer Kurt Markus is at home on a fashion shoot as he is on location off the beaten track anywhere in the world. Kurt seamlessly applies his unique aesthetic to a breadth of work that spans the gamut of subject: music, sport, celebrity, travel, reportage, fashion, figure study and landscape. He has made pictures for, with few exceptions, virtually all of the major publications, to include: Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stone, Travel + Leisure, New York Times Magazine, Outside, Esquire, Conde Nast Traveler,Texas Monthly, People, Entertainment Weekly, Men's and Women's Health, several editions of Vogue, Flair, German Elle, House and Garden, and Best Life, among many others. He has done advertising campaigns for such clients as: Armani, BMW, Sony, Levi's, Timberland, Calvin Klein and Nike. Kurt's photographs are in the collections of several museums and he is represented by galleries in New York, Milan and Berlin. He is widely published, both in monographs and anthologies. Kurt has directed music videos for Jewel, Tori Amos and John Mellencamp. He and son Ian recently completed the documentary film It¹s About You, made during Mellencamp¹s 2009 summer tour and recording sessions. The edited version is opening for John on his 2010-2011 tour. In 2010, Kurt Markus wrote the screenplay Deep Six. It has gone on to win Los Angeles Cinema Awards' "Merit Award" and Los Angeles Movie Awards' "Honorable Mention." Kurt and his wife Maria live in Montana, where he was born and raised. His youngest son Ian attends film school in Bozeman and oldest son Weston, also a photographer, is based in Seattle.

Ian Markus Filmmaker It's About You

Ian Markus was raised in Montana, surrounded by art and photography. He spent his early days taking photographs and assisting his father, Kurt Markus, on assignment for major magazines. He was mentored by photographers and family friends, especially his godfather Bruce Weber. After graduating high school in 2007, Ian headed to Africa, beginning with the climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, camera in hand. Ian’s passion for photography took him to Kenya, to the Koijaki Guiding School in the Masaai Mara. There, he taught a two-month digital photography workshop to equip the students with the skills to earn a living guiding tourists on safari photo shoots. In love with Africa, he stayed another two months as a wildlife intern and guide at Cottars 1920’s Safari Camp, doing wildlife reconnaissance, anti-poaching patrols, and prepping for game drives. He continued to Nairobi, where he spent his final month volunteering in an orphanage. Ian hopes to one day return to Africa with his favorite cameras. On his return to Montana, he joined his father both in the darkroom and on photo shoots. In the Spring of 2009, they began filming the John Mellencamp documentary “It’s About You.” While his father filmed in Super8, Ian filmed and captured sound with a Sony EX3. He is now working on the major editing of the film. Ian spends his personal time taking photographs for himself, compiling an impressive portfolio of black and white silver prints. In the Fall of 2010, he will study film at Montana State University, the beginning of his dream to film and direct.


Sunday March 13



Austin Convention Center

Room 13AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St

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