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Reel Murder: From Crime Scene to Big Screen

Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Al Capone - their actions, as well as those of other infamous deviants, have shocked the world. They continued to fascinate millions of people when their crimes were turned into big screen Hollywood blockbusters, iconic horror movies, and cutting edge independent films. But how do these tales of depravity, tragedy, and inhumanity make their way from behind the yellow crime scene tape to your nearby multiplex or film festival? Los Angeles Times best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, will moderate this panel discussion on how murder has become big business in Hollywood. The Reel Murder panel, which will be comprised of the leading voices in true crime writing, feature filmmaking, and documentary filmmaking, will guide the audience member from the crime scene to the big screen. Some topics of discussion will include: Why are certain crimes considered big screen-worthy while others are not? What are the inevitable legal pitfalls involved in turning a true crime story into a movie? How can filmmakers empathize with survivors of victims without losing the visceral impact of the story? How can filmmakers deal with protests from the morality police, as well as those genuinely troubled by the subject matter? Reel Murder: From the Crime Scene to the Big Screen will be the one panel that SXSW Film Festival-goers, industry experts and casual film fans alike, will be dying to see.


MODERATOR Corey Mitchell Author Reel Crime

**COREY MITCHELL IS THE MODERATOR FOR THE "REEL MURDER: FROM CRIME SCENE TO BIG SCREEN PANEL" ON MARCH 15.** Corey Mitchell, J.D., and University of Texas graduate ('92), is a Los Angeles Times best-selling author of several true crime books including DEAD AND BURIED, SAVAGE SON, HOLLYWOOD DEATH SCENES, and the critically acclaimed MURDERED INNOCENTS, about the 1991 Texas yogurt shop slayings. Mitchell was the former founder and executive editor of the #1 true crime website, IN COLD BLOG. He was also the creator and head writer for the Discovery Channel’s, Investigation Discovery HOLLYWOOD ON TRIAL blog. He currently heads up the true crime film blog, REEL CRIME, and is preparing to launch a new true crime website, CRIME CALENDAR, in spring 2011. He also blogs about heavy metal at METALSUCKS and horror film festivals at BLOODY DISGUSTING. Mitchell’s work has appeared in Reuters, USA Today, UPI, AP, Austin Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Chicago Sun-Times, and many more media outlets. He has appeared on numerous national and local news broadcasts, as well as television shows such as E!’s 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders and TV Land’s, Myths and Legends. Mitchell also works behind the scenes with several charitable organizations that assist victims of crime. Mitchell is currently working on two true crime books, co-authoring former Pantera and heavy metal icon Philip H. Anselmo's autobiography, and in pre-production for his first feature length film, a true crime documentary about TacoLand proprietor and murder victim, Ram Ayala.

Philip Anselmo Owner Housecore Records

Philip Anselmo remains a pillar of heavy metal and underground culture. His career has spanned over two decades, and he's fronted some of the most crucial acts in the genre's history. In Pantera, the singer helped craft an undeniable sound that roars immortally. That sound reverberates across the metal juggernaut's multi-platinum selling catalog, including five classic studio albums—Cowboys From Hell [1990], Vulgar Display of Power [1992], Far Beyond Driven [1994], The Great Southern Trendkill [1996] and Reinventing the Steel [2000]. That sound made Far Beyond Driven the heaviest album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200. That sound brought the world to its feet on endless sold out tours. That sound garnered four Grammy nominations and other numerous accolades. That sound forged one of the most diehard fan bases ever and influenced countless young acts along the way. Wielding a heavy dose of southern groove and classic rock gusto, Anselmo shined equally with his platinum super group Down on Nola [1995], Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow [2002] and Down III: Over the Under [2007]. Simultaneously, he brandished an unbridled hardcore intensity on two albums with Superjoint Ritual. Amidst all of this, he founded Housecore Records, the home of haarp, The Sursiks, Warbeast and his very own Christ Inversion, Arson Anthem, his solo project and more. Housecore embodies Anselmo's natural creative ethos, and it sees him producing and pushing boundaries as an independent industry visionary. Of course, there's a lot more to the man behind the music. In addition to being a board member of boxing figurehead Emanuel Steward's Kronk Gym Foundation, Anselmo is a published author in Boxing Digest and on His passions for boxing, horror films, and professional football are just as loud as any of the vocals he's committed to tape. With his first genre-smashing solo record on the way in 2011, he's only getting louder…— Rick Florino, December 2010

Hart Fisher Pres/Owner American Horrors

“Even surrounded by coffins, bats, a life-sized Frankenstein statue and legendary fright-meister artist Bernie Wrightson, Fisher's the scariest thing in the room." Wizard Magazine: The Guide To Comics There is precious little that outlaw filmmaker Hart D. Fisher hasn’t accomplished. He is a successful horror author, a critically acclaimed poet (Poems for the Dead), a savage horror filmmaker who’s done the impossible (producing the critically acclaimed Flowers on the Razorwire feature film with a blind director), and is a sharp new voice sending shockwaves through the reality crime genre with his mind bending true story of murder, loss and rage, posting monthly to best selling true crime author Corey Mitchell’s new True Crime site, Crime Calendar (his previous site, In Cold Blog, of which Mr. Fisher was a leading contributor, was an Kindle Bestseller). Mr. Fisher’s first feature, The Garbage Man, was released on DVD June 2009 with a unique marketing hook- If you found a Bloody Ticket in your DVD you won tickets to the sold out Summer Slaughter Tour. “The Garbage Man is an intelligent horror-drama... this is one audacious bastard of a serial killer”-Rue Morgue Magazine Not satisfied with that, Mr. Fisher has committed himself to creating and running his new multi-platform horror company, American Horrors, and lending his unique talents to the world of music videos, having directed cutting edge videos for international death metal legends Obituary, kings of black metal Dark Funeral and Mr. Fisher is currently involved in projects with horror metal superstar Glenn Danzig and industrial music star Chris (Stabbing Westward) Hall’s new band, The Dreaming. “If comics have a pantheon of saints with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Denny O’Neill, and the like on one end, then Hart Fisher is the Devil.” -The No Fly Zone/ With a long and controversial career which began in comic books, where Fisher discovered such talents as Gerard Way (lead singer for the chart-topping rock band My Chemical Romance); John Cassaday (Captain America) and political essayist Stephen Elliott (a regular contributor for the San Francisco Chronicle, award-winning novelist and child protection advocate) among others, Fisher has carved out a fierce reputation and was dubbed ‘The Most Dangerous Man in Comics.’ (Hero Illustrated, 1994.) First put on the map by writing and publishing the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer comic book series, Mr. Fisher went on to write and publish books that would garner the young creator the ire of Milwaukee Brewing with the Jeffrey Dahmer: Milwaukee’s Best t-shirts, the fear of Image Comics founders Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefield and Jim Lee with the release of Kill Image and even a lawsuit from OJ Simpson over the Doin’ Time With OJ and OJ’s Big Bust Out books. Fisher's two collections of poetry (Poems for the Dead & Still Dead) were both carried in the Hot Topic chain of boutiques. “Hart is one of the most controversial figures ever in the medium.” Fisher’s opinions on serial killers and serial killer culture have been sought by numerous television producers for programs such as ABC's Day1, CNN's Murder By Numbers, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, CNN Headline News, A&E's Biography, American Justice, on the radio with Crime Prevention 101 and True Crimes and in magazines such as Time, Tattoo Savage, Hero Illustrated, People, The Comics Journal, the non-fiction best seller The A-Z Guide to Serial Killers and many more. Mr. Fisher has been a paid feature speaker around the world (including a headlining role at the Festival of Fantasy & Terror in Mexico City, sharing a building with the President of Mexico at the time, Vincente Fox), and has spoken publicly about American poetry, team building, leadership development, and all things horror. Mr. Fisher is currently the subject of a new documentary, The Scariest Man in America, that has been in production since 2009 and will continue filming through out 2011.

Steve Mims Director Austin Film Works

Ami Canaan Mann 'The Fields'

Ami Canaan Mann is a feature/television writer and television director. She recently directed the feature film, 'The Fields' (aka 'Texas Killing Fields') starring Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jessica Chastain.


Tuesday March 15



Austin Convention Center

Room 16AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St


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